2. Ground Yourself!

Let your “Mother” take care of you

Eric Armstrong
3 min readMar 17, 2022

It turns out there are good, scientific reasons for reconnecting with Mother Earth, not the least of which is its potential impact on allergies, auto-immune diseases, weight loss, your mental outlook, and a whole lot more.

(Article #2 in the Earth Energy series. This one is an excerpt from my book, The Secret Science of Weight Loss. See my earlier article: Earth Energy is Real! for a brief summary of the practice, product links, and a DIY option.)

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(In the book, this writeup follows the description of nutritional antioxidant supplements, and why you want them. So we pick up from there…)

A discussion of antioxidant supplements like electrolytes, alpha-lipoic acid, NAC, and CoQ10 would not be complete without mentioning the science of grounding (aka earthing).

That practice has been scientifically validated in 20+ peer-reviewed studies, but I’m more interested in why it works. (Studies can prove that cocaine makes people energetic. That doesn’t make it good for you.)

The underlying understanding is fascinating. But the quick takeaway is this: Get yourself connected to the earth. Today! For 30 minutes a day, at minimum — because the earth provides electrons you need for health.

Seven Major Benefits

  1. Aches & Pains / Muscle Tension / Healing (anti-inflammatory)
  2. Stronger Immune System, Better Hormones (electrons needed)
  3. Physical Energy / Exhaustion / Fatigue (electrons = energy)
  4. Mental Energy / Calmer Mind / Alpha Brainwaves (nervous system)
  5. Better Sleep / Circadian Rhythm (fewer aches, calmer mind)
  6. Weight Loss / Depression (more energy, better sleep)
  7. Recovery from workouts (Workouts that release growth hormone are good for your muscles, your bones, and your waistline (coming up). Recovering from them is basically healing. Grounding can help you recover better, and sooner.)

I heard about earthing years ago. As always, I made a mental note. But I did nothing until I understood the why. Recently, I heard a 2nd positive report. So I investigated, found it has merit, and tried it. (It works!)

The Science

You can skip this section — unless you’re like me and want to know why.

The antioxidants work by supplying electrons. Those electrons combat free radicals — aggressive compounds that steal electrons from their neighbors, making them inoperative and setting off a chain reaction.

In general, the free radicals come from industrially-processed fats and lifestyle stresses. But the immune system also generates free radicals.

The immune system creates oxidizing compounds (aka free radicals) to destroy foreign invaders. But after the invader is destroyed, left-over free radicals need to be neutralized by giving them an electron.

If electrons aren’t present, you get chronic inflammation — a condition where the immune system’s “leftovers” attack healthy tissue in a continuing series of chain reactions.

When gluten triggers the immune system, those reactions make holes in the lining of the intestinal tract — a condition known as leaky gut. Compounds in the diet can then trigger autoimmune diseases like arthritis, and worse.

Double-gluten wheat and bad fats became a problem in the ’60s. Synthetic rubber was also invented, and used for shoes and especially sneakers. So right when oxidizing compounds were multiplying, we cut ourselves off from the electrons needed to neutralize them.

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  • The Sun, The Earth, & Your Body — the next article in this series, for a deeper look at where Earth Energy comes from and why the practice of grounding (earthing) has such a dramatic effect on health, happiness, and energy levels.
  • Down to Earth (15-min intro video, quite good)
  • The Earthing Movie (an hour & 15m video with more information)

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