4.0 Earthing Reference Highlights

A growing index of source material for the Earth Energy series with the best parts clipped for easy reading. Each article in the list is a “capsule summary” of a single work — a “Cliff Notes” version with section headings, quoted material, links, and (when appropriate) page numbers.

The idea of creating “reference highlights” articles was inspired by the concept of “smart notes” (the Zettlekasten method) and the terrific Obsidian program that enables it (and does a lot more besides). (Articles on those subjects are coming to a website near you someday soon, when I have plumbed Obsidian’s depths sufficiently.)

For an in-depth discussion of why grounding/earthing works, and more benefits you can expect, see the next article in the Earth Energy series: __Deeper Grounding (coming soon)__

“Reference Highlights” Pages



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Eric Armstrong

Eric Armstrong


Eric Armstrong has written books on weight loss, golf, meditation, & yoga. He even builds a Yoga Meditation Bench. Turns out it’s an Ancient Tradition!