Directed Mutation: The Most Controversial Topic of Evolutionary Theory

My response to Gregg Braden’s half-brilliant / half-nonsense video

Eric Armstrong


I wrote the comment below on the video, because I have so much respect for Gregg Braden. In this video, he brought to light some important scientific information that has a direct bearing on the human story — in his inimical, enviable style. But then he went, well, nuts

Here’s the YouTube video:

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Snapshot of video title

Directed Mutation: The Most Controversial Topic of Evolutionary Theory,
by Gregg Braden (YouTube)

Here is my comment:

Dude. You started off SO well:

1. You began with an informative and enlightening synopsis of n important scientific study, with a great animation to help visualize it.

2. That study says that THE GENE THAT MAKES US A HUMAN is a combination of two other genes, with large amounts of duplicate material removed (otherwise the gene wouldn’t work), and that NO KNOWN NATURAL PROCESS could possibly have produced that genetic sequence.

3. You then introduced the concept of DIRECTED MUTATION, placing it directly between scientific “evolution” on the one hand, and religious “creationism”. 4. All of which begs the questions you alluded to: WHO OR WHAT DID IT? HOW? and WHY? (All important questions to ask!) All of that was done in your spectacular presentation style, bringing people along for the ride, and minimizing the risk of alienating anyone along the way. Totally BRILLIANT, up to that point.

The video should have stopped there.

Because then you went daft. Bonkers. Straight off the deep end. Allow me to summarize:

1. EVERY ALPHABET IN THE WORLD MAPS TO NUMBERS. (You made a big point of this.) Well, duh… Every COLLECTION in the world maps to numbers. A collection of rocks, sheep, books, or anything else maps to numbers, because that’s what numbers do. They COUNT.

2. EACH OF THOSE NUMBERS CORRESPONDS TO ATOMIC ELEMENTS. Well. yes. The collecton of atomic elements can be numbered, too. And numbers match to…



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