Heart Coherence & “Energy Flow Meditation”

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NSR and the Headless Way

To my mind, here are the most important bits that Edward John wrote:

My Response

Thanks for giving me some insight into the TM technique, Edward (John?). I’ve long wondered what that technique was about. And thanks for the link to NSR and the Headless Way. I’ll check them out. In return, I want to offer you two additional techniques:

  • Energy Flow Meditation

The Natural Stress Relief (NSR) Technique

Here’s what I learned when I went to look for information on NSR:

  1. This Reddit page has a comment by MyNameIsJonaas that gives a nice summary of the technique: “Basically what you’ll learn is to deeply relax by repeating a mantra while not trying to control your thoughts, breathing or emotions. This is meant to put you in a deep meditative state which will help you release stress.” (In addition to many other benefits of personal & spiritual growth!)
  2. As for the sound itself, an interesting hint comes from this Reddit page, in a comment made by CrumbledFingers: “If the instructions as written make sense to you, and you know that the syllable is something that rhymes with “Tom” or “palm”, you’re probably just fine.” (The one rhyming Sanskrit word that comes to mind is H’am (“I am”), as in Shivo H’am (“I am Shiva”) or So H’am (“I am that”). All three of them resonate with me.)

Heart Coherence

I recently learned about HeartMath Quick Coherence technique— a simple process that opens the heart so it resonates with and communicates better with the brain. I have found that technique to be a great addition to my own meditation practice, and one that helps throughout the day.

  1. Focus your breathing on your heart. Slow your breathing in a natural, effortless way, so it approaches a 5-beat inhalation and 5-beat exhalation.
    (In essence, breathe from your heart, slowly and deeply.)
  2. Generate the emotion of gratitude, appreciation, caring, or compassion.

Energy Flow Meditation

I have found that the Heart Coherence technique melds perfectly with the internal energy-flow techniques I have learned (and at times discovered), and aspire to teach — so I am excited to see if the NSR and Headless Way techniques can also augment my practice.

About Eric

Eric Armstrong is the author of Bench Yoga (volume 1 of the Subtle Energy Yoga series) and the creator of the “Instant Alignment” Yoga Meditation Bench. A former volleyball coach, martial arts instructor, and “internal yoga” practitioner, Eric Armstrong has spent 30 years studying the internal energy arts, with practices as varied as Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga, Ananda Raja Yoga, traditional Kriya yoga, Bihar Raja Yoga, Taiji, and Korean Jung SuWon. He works to convey his deep understanding of the subject in a series of workshops, online articles, and in his books, available in print and eBook form at Amazon, or wholesale from Ingram. (If you like this kind of article, consider supporting Eric on his Patreon page.)



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Eric Armstrong

Eric Armstrong


Eric Armstrong has written books on weight loss, golf, meditation, & yoga. He even builds a Yoga Meditation Bench. Turns out it’s an Ancient Tradition!