Medium: Fix the Partner Program

The Partner Program is a great idea. It needs to be better.

Eric Armstrong
3 min readFeb 15, 2022


Hey, guys. I have no problem with being removed from the Partner Program for lack of followers. None at all. I’m a late-comer to this platform, and am slowly acquiring a following. But you could be doing a better job with the program!


A while back (8 months ago? I’m terrible with dates), anyone with fewer than 100 followers was told they had a decent amount of time to find them (6 months?), or they would be dropped from the “partner program”.

As mentioned above, I had no problem with the requirement. It was the need
to reapply and then re-meter all my published stores that gave me pause, and that led to this post.

My Thoughts

Right now, the payouts are like, 35 cents. So it doesn’t much matter
if I’m in the program or not. So I expect to be removed in March, as your latest email says will happen.

But there are several things you could do to be nice about it, for me and for future writers who join the program:

  1. Deactivate without deleting
  2. Provide a path to citizenship
  3. Keep money in Escrow

1. Deactivate Without Deleting



Eric Armstrong

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