Random Reincarnation & Permanent Enlightenment

How and Why I Became a Spiritual Coach

Eric Armstrong


I subscribe to what I call “The Theory of Random Reincarnation”. Because I do, and because I know that enlightenment is possible, I suspect that permanent enlightenment is possible only when we are all enlightened — which helps to explain why I became a “spiritual coach”.

2023 workshop at Unity Center in Palo Alto, CA

A long time ago, I came to the conclusion that the theory of Random Reincarnation makes a lot of sense. If you have reason to believe in reincarnation, it’s an important principle to understand. But even if you don’t, it gives you a razor you can use to decide the best course of action in many a situation.

I also suspect that no one becomes permanently enlightened until we are all enlightened. It only took 40 years to put 2 and 2 together, and connect those thoughts. This article explains each idea, how they connect, and why I’m sharing my spiritual practice with others.

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Random Reincarnation

If you haven’t heard of the “Random Reincarnation” theory before now, I wouldn’t be surprised. As far as I know, I came up with it. (But others may have done so, as well.)

The original theory of reincarnation says you will come back as some living thing, like maybe a bug or cow. It could be true, but it seems a little far-fetched for me, especially given that fact that every species on earth seems to be either predator or prey. So for me, it’s hard to see how any such reincarnation could possibly assist one along the path to enlightenment.

If there is any reason at all for us to be here, the pursuit of enlightenment is a pretty darn good one. So let’s assume that all of our experiences are aimed at making us better people and, eventually, enlightened beings.

Does that mean our experiences hurt any less if they’re painful? Are they any less enjoyable if they’re pleasant? I don’t think so. To hazard a guess, it seems reasonable that experiencing them is the point.

Now, the original theory of reincarnation says that who and where you’re reincarnated depends on merit you’ve accumulated from past lives. It’s essentially a bribe for…



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