Recipe: Potato Supreme

Eric Armstrong
2 min readMay 31, 2023

A fast & delicious meal for people who don’t cook.

My book, The “Secret Science” of Weight Loss, included all of the recipes I was using at the time. But I’ve added a few since then! So I’m starting a recipe series. (This one is in the book, but I’ve expanded the instructions and added some options.)

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  1. Preparation
    — Rinse the potato(s), picking out any “eyes” (arsenic forms there).
    — If you see green under the skin when you do that, peel it completely.
    — (the potato was exposed to sunlight. The green layer contains arsenic)
  2. Nuke a potato to “bake” it
    — You can also bake it if you prefer, but nuking is faster
    — The goal is “still firm on the inside”
    — A fork should enter easily, but encounter resistance in the middle
    (not too much, but some)
    — The less resistance, the more fully cooked the starch, so it’s sweeter.
    — But it’s the “resistant starch” that feeds the gut, so you want a blend.
    — About 3 minutes for a medium potato works for me.
    — Adjust up or down depending on size/number of potatoes
  3. Cut into sections
    — One long cut end-to-end down the middle of the top
    — Turn 90 degrees and make a long cut down the side
    — Then cut across into bite-sized sections (1/2" to 3/4")
  4. Big pat of butter
    — I use Land of Lakes Butter & Olive Oil blend
    — It spreads easily, tastes good, and is reasonably healthy.
    — 1 large tsp for a medium potato (I like butter!)
  5. Dowse with olive oil
  6. Partially mash with a fork
    — The soft parts will mash easily. The middle parts won’t, so don’t.
    —Move it around, so butter & oil gets on everything
  7. Splash with Balsamic Vinegar
    — In England, they put malt vinegar on their fish & chips.
    — That’s where I got the idea.
    — I like the flavor of Balsamic, so I use that.
  8. Top with salsa
    — I like mild salsa. So I use that. Others like hotter versions.
    — Two rounded teaspoons for a medium potato, or to taste
  9. Optional: Top with sauerkraut before adding the salsa
    — Makes an extra-healthy meal with gut-feeding fermented cabbage
    — Between the butter, olive oil, and salsa, there is no sour taste
  10. Optional: Top with tuna or sardines
    — Adds protein for a complete meal.
    — Ground beef could also work.

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