Sneezing, Stuffy Nose, Cough, Phlegm

Four symptoms. One cause. Five levels of remedy.

Eric Armstrong
10 min readSep 23, 2022


Coughing and congestion — the bane of singers, terrible for athletes, not fun for anyone. You expect them when you’re sick with a cold or flu. But sometimes you have them for no apparent reason. You may blame allergies, but there could be a deeper cause.

Woman sneezing, holding tissue to nose.
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If you’re a singer or speaker, these issues make it hard to do what you do, and keep an audience’s attention. If you’re an athlete, they make it harder to breathe! Here are 5 solutions, in increasing order of effectiveness and the amount of time required to employ them.

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Nasal mucus is supposed to be a thin, watery fluid that easily slides down the throat into the digestive tract. As it moves, it carries along microscopic dust, pollen, and bits of airborne debris so they are eventually eliminated.

When pollen lingers in the sinuses, it is more likely to cause the symptoms we think of as “allergies”. But as you’ll discover, a deeper cause may well underlie those symptoms.

When nasal mucus is a bit thicker, it drips down to the back of the throat. We call that phlegm. It tickles the throat, creating a desire to cough.



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