The Amazing Benefits of Energy Flow Meditation

The perfect practice for a busy mind.

Eric Armstrong
9 min readMar 22, 2023


Energy Flow Meditation is a powerful, positive, practical technique that can make a huge difference in your life.

Inner Energy Yoga & Meditation Class at Unity Palo Alto

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Intro to Energy Flow Meditation

I teach a class called “Inner Energy Yoga and Meditation” at the Unity Center in Palo Alto, California. But what I’m really teaching is Energy Flow Meditation— the perfect meditation for busy minds.

What I call “Energy Flow Meditation” has its roots in the practices of Tantra Yoga and Raja Yoga. It’s about experiencing the flow of internal energy (aka kundalini, chi, or prana, depending on your background) in both large amounts in the central channel/spine and smaller amounts elsewhere in the body.

Energy Flow Meditation isn’t just something you do, it’s something you enjoy. Because you enjoy it, you do it regularly. And because you do it regularly, you get the benefits…



Eric Armstrong

Eric Armstrong has written books on weight loss, golf, meditation, & yoga. He even builds a Yoga Meditation Bench. Turns out it’s an Ancient Tradition!