3. The Sun, The Earth, & Your Body

Where does “Earth Energy” come from?

Eric Armstrong
3 min readMar 18, 2022

At this point, we’ve established that the Earth contains electrons. Gazillions of them. And we’ve talked about how much good they can do. But how did they get there? (Curious minds want to know!)

(Article #3 in the Earth Energy series. See article #1, Earth Energy is Real!, for a brief summary of the practice, product links, and a DIY option. Or review article #2, Ground Yourself! for the health benefits described in my weight loss book.)

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In the first article in this series I said, “Once you realize that the body is, in reality, one huge electromagnetic entity, you understand that the names “earthing” and “grounding” are entirely synonymous.

I want to pick up on that point now and explain exactly why it is true.

The body is also, of course, biochemical in nature. But at the atomic level, it is electrical energy that makes everything work.

Shared electrons are the basis of the atomic bonds that make up molecules. So electrons are key to all matter, and all life. But the really fascinating bit is this:
Electrons and photons are fundamentally the same thing.

Photons are tiny packets of energy that come from the sun. Electrons are tiny packets of energy orbiting a nucleus of an atom. When a photon meets an atom at just the right angle, it can add its energy to an electron. So the essential nature of a photon is identical to the essential nature of an electron.

Now then, when photons strike the upper atmosphere, they create an electrical charge. That charge creates lightning.

Sometimes the lightning travels upward, in what is called a sprite. Sometimes, it travels down to the ground — as many as 5,000 times a minute around the globe. When it does, it pushes positive charges upward, and pushes electrons to the earth’s crust. (Source: The Earth’s Surface Potential, Section 2: The Global Electrical Circuit.)

As documented in the same section of that free online book, it has been estimated that were it not for lightning, the electron surplus in the earth’s crust would effectively evaporate within an hour. So we can thank lightning for the fact that our earth is electrically charged. (And keep in mind that our bodies evolved in that environment, and are designed for it.)

In short, the sun sends us energy in the form of photons. Plants store that energy in the form of chlorophyll. The earth stores it in the form of electrons.

In essence, the sun is a source of energy, and the earth is a continuously-recharging storage battery for it. When we aren’t connected to the earth, it’s like turning off the battery on an electric bike. It still runs, but you have to push a lot harder!

A deeper discussion of why it works, and more benefits you can expect, see the next article in the Earth Energy series is coming soon. In the meantime, check out the __4.0 Earthing Reference Highlights__ article for a (growing) list of source material, with the best parts identified.

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