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Devoted to physical and spiritual health. Committed to understanding the body’s underlying mechanisms of action.

Eric Armstrong


A former volleyball coach, martial arts instructor, and “internal energy yoga” practitioner, Eric Armstrong has published more than 600 articles at TreeLight.com. He began that site in 1998 with What’s Wrong with Partially Hydrogenated Oils? — an article that spent a good 10 years at the top of Google’s search rankings.

Eric sitting on his meditation bench in the garden
Eric, age 72, at 208 lbs., before discovering his Secret Magic Hair Tonic

He graduated college at a skinny 6'1" 155 lbs. After college, he took up weight training, getting to a super fit 180 lbs. in 8 months. He discovered volleyball in graduate school. It was the start of his athletic career, as he began to apply his intellect to the process of physical training,

Over a period of 10 years, a predominately fast food diet brought him up to 190 lbs. He quit fast foods at that point, but kept slowly gaining over the years — a trend the accelerated precipitously after he was sidelined by knee surgeries.

(The original injury, it turns out, could likely have been remedied without surgical intervention. But alas, his doctors were ignorant of the chiropractic protocol, so they didn’t even suggest it — a discovery that taught Eric to always look for safer alternatives to “medical” advice. Learn more in his essay, What’s Wrong with Doctors? (and other practitioners)

By this time, Eric had been a runner, soccer player, volleyball player, and martial artist. But with his activities severely curtailed, he slowly ballooned to 250 lbs. At age 70, he designed a Yoga Meditation Bench and, with the help of friends, created a video to promote it.

Seeing himself in that video galvanized Eric to action. Who would listen to his advice on nutrition and fitness, if he looked like that? He began taking the subject of weight loss seriously. He investigated, did his research, and experimented with approaches that others had found successful.

By age 72, he had identified the underlying principles, and devised a program that others could use — and customize to suit themselves. He got down to a slim 190, shedding 60 pounds of fat and building a fair amount of muscle with his 5-minute a day isometric training program.

In short, Eric has been skinny, fit, fat, and fit again. He knows what it takes to build muscle, and to burn fat. Most importantly, he knows why things work as they do, and he is skilled at communicating what he knows.

In Eric’s world, everything boils down to understanding the underlying mechanism of action. Understanding those mechanisms is critical, because that is what you need to guide your choices!

He has published The Secret Science of Weight Loss, with many more books in the books. He also runs MeditateBetter.com, where he provides his Yoga Meditation Bench that combines yoga and meditation, and makes both easier. He also runs the Meditating Golfers facebook group, which combines his interest in golf and meditation.

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Eric Armstrong

Eric Armstrong has written books on weight loss, golf, meditation, & yoga. He even builds a Yoga Meditation Bench. Turns out it’s an Ancient Tradition!