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Eric Armstrong
2 min readJul 20, 2021

ERIC IS A (watcher of) GREAT GOLFER(s). He has a decent swing, and he plays reasonably well. But where he really excels is putting — something anyone can learn to do at the highest possible level. It all started with one memorable round on TV…

Eric leaning on a club at Pebble Beach, ocean in the background
From a memorable round at Pebble Beach with good friend & amateur photog Jim Holmlund

On that illuminating day, green speeds varied wildly from one hole to the next. For spectators, watching professional golfers on that day was hilarious. A two-putt was a miracle. Three-putts were the norm, and four-putts weren’t all uncommon.

That episode got Eric thinking. All of the golfers could see the degree and direction of slope. Those factors hadn’t changed. What had changed was the speed of the greens. Clearly, those golfers had a feel for green speed, honed by thousands of hours of practice. And on a day when that sense of feel was challenged, they putted no better than anyone we know!

So Eric began to ask himself: Exactly how did those golfers develop a feel for green speed? What was it they learned from previous putts that (except for this one day) allowed them to excel on putts later in the round?

The Vector Putting book by H.A. Templeton gave Eric some useful tools for analyzing the problem. And analyze, he did.

It became clear that putting “feel” is skill. Rather than a mysterious instinct that some people seem to be born with, it is a skill that can be learned. In Comprehensive Keys to the Green, Eric opens the curtain and sheds light on the mystery, so the subconscious skill the best putters seem to possess becomes something that anyone can do.

Perhaps more importantly, Eric has found a way to combine the fresh air, exercise and plain fun of golf with spiritual growth.

After all, golf is the Zen Archery of our time! More than any other sport, golf gives you an opportunity to practice the kind of happy-making energy-flow meditation that Eric teaches. Done right, your performance improves due to increased mindfulness. More importantly, even if your last swing didn’t go well, taking advantage of the opportunity to connect with the greater energy of the universe keeps you centered, elevated, and joyful.

At the very least, you can reduce or even eliminate the sense of abject frustration that can occur during a round. Instead, you can do something that’s good for you, your mood, your life partner, and everyone around you!

To learn more, Eric extends an open invitation to his Meditating Golfers Facebook group. (Better yet, get on his mailing list at MeditateBetter.com.)

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Eric Armstrong

Eric Armstrong has written books on weight loss, golf, meditation, & yoga. He even builds a Yoga Meditation Bench. Turns out it’s an Ancient Tradition!